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  • Question: Can I get a Guitar Fingering Chart for FREE?
  • Answer: Yes you can get a sample of Guitar Fingering Charts for free, but I personally found learning from a Chord chart of Guitar Fingering Chart much with a proper guitar teacher instructing you along the way.
  • Solution: Get your FREE Guitar Fingering Chart here, but again I recommend getting the benefits of using a proper guitar teacher to fully utilize the abilities you need to be a great guitarist and apply the Guitar Fingering Chart into practice. Check out the video below to find out more about why I made this site and why I personally recommend JamPlay to teach you how to use these charts and how to be a great guitarist.


Hey guys, in this video I talk about why I made this site and also why I personally recommend using JamPlay to help you along the bumpy road to awesomeness. I use JamPlay to help me advance in my guitar playing and find it absolutely instrumental to my learning.

I hope the video I have recorded has been of some help to you in some way. To read my full Guitar Fingering Chart and JamPlay review, just keep reading and don’t forget to enter your details in the form down the right side of the site to get your FREE Guitar Fingering Chart sample.

Here I will talk about how I started out learning guitar, how I personally came across JamPlay and why I would recommend it to any guitarist of any skill level to help advance their playing.

Why Have I Created this Guitar Fingering Chart and JamPlay Review?

Well the reason I made this JamPlay review for you is basically because I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to online purchasing, and I like to have a trust worthy opinion of something before I consider buying anything. When I went to look for information about learning the guitar online I found a vast majority of the review sites out there were scammy looking, untrustworthy and pretty much garbage, so I am here to be your trust worthy opinion!

The first thing I did when I wanted to learn the guitar is look online for some Guitar Fingering Charts. After a fairly brief search I found some, and they were fine, but I wasn’t able to really use them to the full effect. I needed a way to take the info from the Guitar Fingering Chart and turn it into the skills I needed to play better.

The clear solution to my problem was guitar lessons. A friend of mine had recommended a site to me called JamPlay, but being the skeptic I am about paying for anything online I pretty much didn’t even bother to listen.

I began seeing a guitar teacher at one of my local music shops, and in doing so, I adopted an array of issues that I wasn’t prepared for. It was a struggle to get to and from lessons, I had to fork out $25 a week, which hit hard on my pocket as I am a student and there were often times the teacher wasn’t interested in teaching me what I was interested in.

One week I was in the waiting room with all my gear, waiting,  as I would do every week but this week the wait was unusually long (and that’s saying something considering my teacher was also often late). I was waiting about 45 minutes to see someone until I finally got fed up and went down to see the man at the front desk.

The Instructor was “Sick or otherwise Indisposed” as he put it, very rudely I might add . I assumed that would be something they should call and tell me BEFORE I show up but apparently not. So where does this leave me?

This left me with paying too much every week, having issues with transportation and not interested in what I was learning. I went online again, searching for some way to learn some beginners song or anything. It felt like I was paying to be screwed around. I tried looking at tabs and found myself even more lost than I stared. I had a look at some free sites to look at lessons, but I found their sites never had enough content and the pace of which content was being released wasn’t good enough for me.

My choices at this point were to learn almost nothing from the free sites, or pay too much to learn something I’m not even interested in from my local music shop. I had almost given up trying to learn the guitar until I was urged again to give JamPlay a second look. A quick investigation into JamPlay’s program had me very intrigued. It looked as though they were cheaper, more educated in musical teaching and was available to me at any time unlike the other methods of learning guitar I was opened to at the time.

I decided to bite the bullet and take a chance on JamPlay, and can proudly say I am now happily subscribed to JamPlay, paying a third of the price that I was at my local music shop and learning more than ever with lessons available to me 24/7. I have now gone further with my guitar than I ever imagined I would starting out and the best thing is I achieved all of this awesome success from the comfort of my own home.

So let me answer the original question…

“Why did I create this JamPlay review?”

Well after going through what I went through using my Guitar Fingering Chart and dealing with multiple issues and over pricing and seeing the amount of bias and untrustworthy reviews out there, I wanted to help ease the pain and burden of finding a reliable, cost friendly and just pure bad ass, awesomely awesome guitar lesson site for the guys and gals out there like me that just wanted to cut the crap and get on track to being a truly great guitarist. To find out more about me check out the About Me page.


guitar fingering chart-jamplayWhat are the Benefits of learning from JamPlay – When I first started playing guitar, I had a few simple songs in my repertoire. I went to a teacher once a week and was slowly improving, but I didn’t want to slowly improve, I wanted to be good, I wanted to know what I was doing and I wanted to impress my friend and family with more awesome sounding songs and some advanced chords.

I went online looking for some Guitar Fingering Charts. After a brief search I found some, but that was only the easy part. I have to now learn how to properly use the chords and utilize them in a progression to make it sound awesome. I looked at some tabs, thinking ‘maybe they’ll help me understand’, of course they only confused me further, I went to some free guitar lesson sites. They were okay, I learned bit of this and a bit of that but I wasn’t satisfied.

Finally I decided to put some money into Online Guitar Lessons. After bouncing around a few websites I came across JamPlay, and that was where things picked up for me. thier lessosns were so easy to follow that understanding and using the Guitar Finger Chart was now child’s play. I advanced extremely fast and any questions I had were answered in seconds in the live JamChat, allowing me to keep on smashing through the lesson courses.

The monthly subscription was just $19.95 so It was very easy on my financial situation as I am a student. The benefits are almost limitless. JamPlay gives you everything you need to be a truly great guitarist. No more weekly costs, saving you over $60 a month. Lessons are available 24/7! No more waiting an entire week to learn more, And what really iced the cake for me was NO MORE CONFUSION. Every aspect of JamPlay is easy to understand and learn from, from the vast libraries to the live lessons.

The Benefits above are just what I personally found great about JamPlay, and I’m sure you’ll discover even more as you delve into the vast and indulging experience that is JamPlay. If you believe there are any helpful benefits that I have missed above, please be sure to E-mail me at my Contact Me page and let me know, and Ill be sure to add them.

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At this point of my Guitar Fingering Chart website I’d like to share with you guys the Features of JamPlay.

See list of Features below:

  • EXTENSIVE Guitar Fingering Chart and Chords Libraries – The JamPlay comprehensive Chord Library and awesome scale library were built with the student in mind, which means it’s clear cut and very in depth making it easy to understand and navigate the library. With all chords imaginable available (Over 950, 000) you can find what you need, figure it out quick and easy and move on.


  • Strong and Active Online Community – The JamPlay community is alive and active at all times with over 320, 000 guitarists experiencing what JamPlay has to offer. Having trouble with a note, chord or song can be frustrating to no extent, and the only thing worse is having to wait another 5 days to see your local teacher again and have him/her cast on opinion that can often be just plain unhelpful. With the JamPlay community at your back you have access to the answers, tips and tricks that are needed to get you back on your way and jump back into the guitar learning experience.


  • Over 500 JamPlay tracks – JamTracks are paired with JamPlay’s exclusive scale library to provide you with a backtrack beat for you to create, refine and perfect your lead or rhythm guitar playing. This Library continues to grow with new tracks added each week.


  • Lick and Riff Library – The extensive guitar Lick and Riff library is designed to teach you new techniques and break you away from some of the more standard playing to teach and inspire. Enabling you to form awesome solo’s and Bad ass Riffs of your own. (this feature was my personal favorite)


  • Video Looping – Have you ever been learning from a video and you didn’t quite understand? so what do you do? You bring the Video back to re watch it, wait for it to buffer, BUT WAIT, you’re at the wrong part of the video, so you have to bring it back again and wait for it to buffer again. very annoying and very time consuming. JamPlay has recently introduced a new feature their extensive list which allows you to loop a section of a video so you can re watch it without having wait, until you understand and can move on and continue learning.


  • Interactive memory games – Believe it or not, JamPlay has an interactive game feature which allows you to learn without frying your brain. with games like FRETBOARD MEMORIZATION, NOTE IDENTIFICATION and PITCH RECOGNITION, you can further your knowledge of different aspects of playing the guitar while enjoying some easy, helpful and relaxing games on JamPlay.


  • Customized Personal Progression Reports – You will find with JamPlay that the learning is very much in your hands. While you have access to anything and everything you’ll need to improve your guitar skills, you can also personally shape and mold your own awesome learning experience, with the ability to update, monitor and build your own reports for your progression through out the lessons at JamPlay.

I hope by looking at this Feature list you get a really good idea of what they offer over at JamPlay. So when you’re searching for your Guitar Fingering Charts and you come across the online Guitar Lessons that JamPlay offer you will now have a really good idea of exactly what their service provides

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In this section of my Guitar Fingering Chart and JamPlay review website Ill tell you about the Con’s of JamPlay’s online guitar lesson’s and tutorials. I really didn’t have much to say in this section of the website because there wasn’t much about program that JamPlay offers that I didn’t like, but to give a completely unbias Review here are some of the aspects of JamPlay that were annoying for lack of a better word.

Read the Con’s in the section below:

  • It can be Difficult to replace a face to face instructor with an online teacher.
  • Variable Webcam issues can interfere with lessons.
  • In the JamChat sessions there can be times when the chat is slow and dull, but It’s fine more often than not.

As you can see by the massive difference in content between the Pro’s and Con’s on learning guitar online at JamPlay, there isn’t much to be skeptical about.

Hey guys, In this section of my Guitar Fingering Chart and JamPlay review, I thought i would give you a full list of all the pro’s about learning Guitar online and why I feel JamPlay is the best choice to achieve this goal.

Continue on the read my full list of Pro’s Below:

  • You can Join JamPlay’s community a beginner guitarist and leave an Advanced guitarist – with JamPlay’s full array of lessons and Dedicated teachers. You can join up at JamPlay a complete dunce at guitar, not knowing much at all and after a week you can impress friends and family with awesome Semi-intermediate songs.
  • A HUGE variety of genres and styles of playing lets you chose exactly what you’re interested in and focus on that.
  • Becoming apart of JamPlay’s strong and active community allows you to talk to teachers and other students which enables you to get more feedback from the entire community.
  • UNLIMITED  supplemental content such as printable Guitar Finger Charts, tabs, Chord charts, Riffs, backtracking software, and  diagrams.
  • Lessons include having multiple camera angles of the teacher’s demonstration, allowing you to see everything that’s going on at all times.
  • A new looping feature that allows you to loop a section of a video so you can keep re-watching a part that you don’t quite understand yet.
  • Samples of FREE Guitar Fingering Charts and chords without signing up.

So as you can see from the List above, there are a number of Pro’s that come with JamPlay. These are just the ones that stood out to me and as you will probably find out there are heaps more to enjoy. If you do however feel that there is anything I’ve missed in my Pro’s list please be sure to hit me up on my Contact Me page and let me know, I would be happy to add it to my list.


guitar fingering chart imageWell we’ve reached the end of my Guitar Fingering chart and JamPlay review and in doing so, I would like to give you my final thoughts.

If you are stuck in the  same rut I was stuck in and are just looking for a quick and easy way to learn the guitar, I highly recommend using JamPlay and looking at their Massive Guitar Fingering Chart Libraries. JamPlay’s lessons are simple and easy to follow with a huge variety of features to make learning less of a task and more of pleasure.

After my experiences of looking for help learning the guitar, I saw almost every “Free Guitar Guides”, ” Easy Tabs”, and ” Free Simple Lessons” that were out there, looked into them and found a vast majority of them were just rubbish. JamPlay offered me everything I needed plus a bunch of cool extras I didn’t even think about that helped me out a lot. over all, if you’re interested in Guitar Fingering Charts and the proper guidance the use them, I highly recommend checking out JamPlay.

CLICK HERE To Access The Official JamPlay Website…